The Local Leadership

We Deserve

“Spokane is my home, it has been my entire life. I’m running for city council because our community is at a crossroads. We need a city council who works together for everyone, not just the special interests.”

- Liz Fleming

Vote By Tuesday, August 6th

Liz Fleming

Real Passion.
Real Experience.

Liz will ensure the best for the Spokane community by setting forth common-sense policies that achieve real results.

Liz Fleming has spent nearly her entire professional career helping non-profits and higher education reach their potential. After spending time on Capitol Hill learning how policy impacts our everyday lives, Liz moved home to Spokane and spent 13 years as a fundraiser for higher education in the area.

Today, Liz is following her dream of being a real estate broker. She’s experienced the housing crisis we’re facing firsthand and understands the desperate need for policies that help increase our affordable housing supply.

The daughter of a police officer and school teacher, Liz knows how important working families are to our community. She earned her Master’s in Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga and will use her experience to keep the City Council focused on growing our economy and giving our working families a reason to stay here.

Liz Fleming On the Issues

As our city councilor, Liz is committed to rolling up her sleeves and doing what it takes to move our community forward.

Investing in
Local Business

Liz knows that no matter our growth, Spokane must remain a business-friendly city. Local business owners need to know we are here and willing to help them start, expand, and relocate right here within the city.

Helping the

There’s no one-size fits all approach to homelessness. Liz will get to the root cause of the problem and foster a community of teamwork. That means all of us – non-profits, city officials, law enforcement - coming together to provide a hand up.

Solving the
Housing Crisis

There’s no denying it – the housing crisis in our city is very real. By restructuring our zoning requirements, we can spark all ranges of housing development and keep up with the growing demand for affordable housing.